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Hello you lovely people and thank you for visiting our website.  As Spring and Summer approach, it's always a busy time for us, and we really would welcome more volunteers with open arms.  We know how busy people are, and you don't have to commit to every week, just when you can.  The work is physical - gardening is great exercise - and sociable, but it doesn't have to be mega-hard work.  Weeding and planting are always needed and you can do as little or as much as you want. 


If you'd be interested, please do drop us an email on

We really would love to hear from you.

PS:  This is a shout out to anyone who bought our lovely pots of hyacinths at Christmas - if you still have them and are wondering what to do with them, we'd be happy to have them back to plant out and about in the town, so they add even more colour to our town come next Spring.  

If you have any, or indeed any bulbs you don't want, please just drop them off behind (to the right of) the public toilets in the little alcove bit there.  Thank you in advance, plants are a great thing to recycle.

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