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The Friends of Crewkerne Station want to hear from you!

It’s the 160th anniversary of the opening of Crewkerne Station in July and the Friends of Crewkerne Station, one of our lively It’s Your Neighbourhood Groups are collecting interesting, maybe quirky memories you have of the station.


It was Wednesday 18th July 1860 that 10,000 - yes 10,000 - people braved pouring rain to see the first train in. It was pulled by no fewer than three locomotives - Britannia, Montrose and Vulcan - and carried the Chairman, Sir Charles Mangles MP and members of the Rail Company who all got out to be met with a speech by Mr Bird of Crewkerne, himself accompanied by a number of dignitaries.

According to a snippet from The Western Flying Post’s report of the town’s celebration of the opening, “Crewkerne must be rich in bunting; and the garlands and ornaments of flowers indicated there had been an expensive levy upon Flora”.


You may be a railway traveller now or were in the past, perhaps going to London with the children, travelling to Exeter for shopping/uni, setting off on an adventure, meeting someone or seeing them on their way.  We’re looking for personal memories, historic connections, photos or poems. All are welcome (see below for submission details).


It’s proposed to include the entries in exhibitions in the station waiting room and at the Town Hall before going into the station archives.


The Friends of Crewkerne Station report that this year’s anniversary celebrations on July 18th have had to be scaled down, so your participation with memories will be especially appreciated.  Spot prizes will be offered for those of particular interest or skill or simply catch the eye.

You can get in touch with us via the FOCS section of the Crewkerne Town website -

use the Facebook site @friendsofcrewkernestation

or by post to the station 

FOCS at Crewkerne Railway Station

Station Road

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