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Our Areas

This page will show what we are doing in the various areas we work on around the town. 

February 2024 - Even with the weather so rainy and miserable, there's still loads of lovely colour around the town

Rotary Stone/South Street

Rotary Stone bed

A river of crocuses

A bird in the hand

Weeding at the Rotary Stone bed early September 2023

Boy, don't the Autumn colours look beautiful this year - Oct/Nov 2023

Falkland Square

Lovely flowers in Falkland Square July 2023

Falkland Square

Lovely flowers in Falkland Square July 2023

Still lots of colour to be found even in the middle of Winter

Henhayes Play Area

We started on this bed in March 2023.  It had previously been cultivated but got neglected over the years, so we decided to give it some TLC and make it look gorgeous again.

April 2023 Collecting plants from a volunteer's garden in the rain, then, planting them at Henhayes the next day in glorious sunshine.  

Henhayes 'before'

July 2023 - Henhayes bed coming along nicely - the motley crew responsible!

Henhayes 'during'

Church Street

Lovely planting in Church Street, March 2023

Patches have been left to give the wild flowers a chance to grow and provide food for insects in St Bartholomew's church yard.  

Beautiful tubs welcoming people in from the A30

Raking up the grass in St Bart's Churchyard after No Mo May - August 2023

Large triangular bed revamped Jul 2023

And the magnolia tree in the church yard was as beautiful as ever

Baskets, Bikes and Tubs

Baskets enhance lovely old buildings

Wow! factor on the busy North Street corner

A zebra lurking amongst the blooms in Falkland Square

An urn and basket looking lovely in the George Shopping Centre

Smaller Areas

Planting the Broadshard Planter and reaping the reward

Rose Lane - Can you believe it, this was November 2023 - the weather was so mild the blooms kept blooming

March 2023 - a bit of fun! Trying to brighten up an otherwise forgotten corner.

A small area near the entrance to Redgate Park - very shady and dry.  Quite a challenge, but looking good July 2023

Added to our repertoire in 2022, Pullmans Lane is beginning to be a real bright spot - this taken July 2023

Not one of Crewkerne in Bloom's areas, but Foxditch Lane is worth a mention as it is made so beautiful each year by local residents.

Getting our signature bikes painted up and ready to receive glorious blooms

Beautiful poppies, sweet peas and clematis next to the loos!

West Street/Bowling Green Beds

West Street Bed July 2023

West Street bed May 2022

The bed beside the bowling green - March 2023

May 2023 - weed free and coming on a treat!

The Potager

(aka veg patch!)

June 2023 - a great hoard from the potager which will be donated to the Community Church Food Bank

The idea behind the potager is for everyone to be able to help themselves to bits of veggies - so please get stuck in, just remember to leave some for others!

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