Get Involved!

Volunteer for hands on work around the town. 

We meet up 2 or 3 times every month to work on various exciting projects.

We’d be thrilled to recruit more helpers so please do come along and give us a hand for an hour or so, we usually finish with a chat over a coffee or hot chocolate. It’s a great opportunity if you are new to gardening to learn about growing plants and rewilding schemes.

Wear sturdy footwear and come armed with gloves, secateurs, fork, pruning saw and anything else you’d find useful for tidying, cutting back etc. appropriate for the time of year.

If there is a particular area in the town that you think you would like to take on and make attractive, it would be amazing. 

Please do contact us below.

For further volunteering information or to become a friend please pick up a leaflet with application form from Crewkerne Town Hall.

Tel: 01460 72665


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Thanks for becoming a Friend!