Minutes of Committee meeting 15th April 2021 7pm on Zoom

Present: Kathy Head (Chairman), Catherine Bacon (Secretary), Mary Cooper, Sue Loder Vagg (Minutes), John Davies (intermittently at start)

1. Welcome by Kathy; Apologies: Derek Phoenix (Treasurer), Ana Collingridge

2. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved.

3. Matters arising – not coming up later on Agenda:

Blacknell Lane, verges and sign, follow-up re sponsorship: emails received from two businesses supporting CiB involvement and with various ideas. Kathy and Catherine to arrange an onsite meeting to progress.

4. Correspondence:

Email from Town Clerk re Cemetery: The Burial Committee have sent short list of Ground Rules and map of CiB’s areas. Plaques recognizing our work in each area suggested by board and Catherine to progress. John happy with arrangements and he and his volunteers thanked. He will liaise with Jason on woodchip.

Email from Chalmers Accountants: Offer of sponsorship

Email from South West in Bloom: Details of July judging for our Champion of 2019 Champions category. Up to three IYN Groups can be included in our entry tour with an additional 30 mins judging time allowed. Catherine working on itinerary.

Catherine sent email to Town Clerk thanking for grant, and to donator of snowdrops.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Emailed in advance by Derek: Balance on 15th April is £3,242. Future balance £3,892

Catherine has circulated proposed expenditure for Spring 2021 planting.

6. Plants & Planting:

Falkland Square - update on meeting with Lee: query on ownership of black poles. C/O to 2022.

Update on baskets for Dailyz, Humphries Kirk & Con Club: Dailyz and Conservative Club to go ahead, awaiting news from Humphries Kirk.

Hanging baskets – responses and planting at SSDC nurseries: All who had baskets before will continue,

Kathy to check with Hollie’s. We have 40. Some financial donations promised. Nursery will hold baskets until ready to be put up.

Brackets: Positioning and volunteers to erect discussed.

Watering: Lewis to water for one hour twice a week; water bowser can be stored at Oscars.

Purchase of perennial plants and planting of large planters: Mary and Catherine to organize.

7. Work days – days need to be set: Every Tuesday 10am meet at Rotary Stone agreed.

8. Churchyard – Wilder Churches: Catherine, Mary & Sue attended Zoom launch of this joint initiative between the Diocese of Bath & Wells and the Somerset Wildlife Trust. It is to protect biodiversity and increase the value of churchyards for wildlife. Catherine to invite them to visit. Currently no mowing in churchyard. Area too open for special wildlife sanctuary but let’s encourage a watch/count of birds, bugs etc. Mary already including in her facebook posts. We should liaise with Church and could submit piece for their newsletter.

9. Newsletter, Website & Instagram: Updates from Sue - Next newsletter to go out in May, around 75 subscribers. Latest Crewkerne Flyer (approx 12,000 distributed) again gave us page of editorial. Agreed newsletters to be adapted for news section on website; let’s chat button to be deleted; media section of website to be updated with new photos – contributions invited - these also useful for Catherine’s portfolio. Instagram - we have 110 followers, Sue posts at least weekly, average 14 likes – one from Japan! We follow as many businesses and relevant local people as possible, liking their posts when appropriate

10.Garden Competition – sponsor? entry form: Sponsor awaited. Catherine to work on entry form.

11. Business window competition – flyers needed to promote: Catherine to work on, entry form not needed.

12.. AOB: John reports work on Mulberry Gardens completed. He will collect a bike from Catherine.

Catherine mentions nice photos on Crewkerne Forum would be a useful addition to portfolio; also wonders about crochet/knitted flower bombing as pompoms not continuing - Creative Crewkerne? Kathy suggests approaching Business Group.

Meeting closed.

Date of next meeting 20th May 2021 7pm on Zoom