Minutes of Committee meeting 16th July 2020 7pm on Zoom

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

All present: Kathy Head (Chairman), Catherine Bacon (Secretary), Mary Cooper, Sue Loder Vagg, Sue Ayers, Ana Collingridge.

Apologies: Veronica Chard, Derek Phoenix

Welcome by Kathy

Minutes of the last meeting read and approved. Correction: Crocus bulbs cost £135

Matters arising

Stipa gigantea x3 in Church St bed have been cut back and will be moved to Rotary stone bed in the Autumn where they will be better appreciated. Everyone liked them but they covered the signs.

No word from Ashlands School re. bird boxes will follow up in September.

Heather Mc Clintock says that a bike has been put up on the wall by Mac Kinlays and Grand Interiors also have a bike with flowers in the George Precinct.

Correspondence & updates

44 people have signed up to receive newsletters via hello@CIB. Ann Cossins of Crewkerne Wedding Fayre has promised £100 for bulbs in the churchyard.

Sue A would like a list of people in Church St who have opened their gardens so she can take pictures to upload onto our facebook page. She has uploaded Geraldine Clotworthy’s garden and others, they all have appreciated it very much. We need to keep the posts upbeat and positive especially during this time. Sue A has trained Sue LV to upload blogs on website incl. articles on Friends of Crewkerne Station.

Treasurers report

Balance on 16th July is £3222.14. Ask Derek to set up Paypal account for CIB so that payments for membership can be taken online. Derek also needs to remove Desi as co signatory and replace with Kathy Head.

Kathy Crouch Talk on 22nd July on zoom. Kathy H to set up meeting and distribute meeting id and password on Sunday before. Sue A to plug her talk again on Facebook next week.

Wildflower areas

Kathy H updates re. Public consultation Barn St recreation ground. Council to post in newsletter asking residents to comment so work on hold at present.

Catherine met with Kathy Crouch in the churchyard to discuss re-wilding progress & reported that they found at least 30 different species. Jason & Lewis are leaving larger areas free from mowing. Areas to be scythed off 2nd week of August. Hay to be left for 2 weeks to allow seed to drop and taken away.

Maintenance of beds

Should we have regular days or evenings. Catherine to set up 2 evening meet ups at 6pm to attend to Rotary bed. We will need to make a plan and purchase new plants from CB Plants or elsewhere. Planting in September.

Sue LV commented that the ‘Its your neighbourhood’ teams are working hard and they are looking great; Pill Box area, Severalls War Memorial and Crewkerne Station.

Sue A discusses giving Crewkerne Museum a page on facebook also.

Painting meet up on 28th July at 10.30 at Catherine’s. Kathy H, Mary and Sue A to go. Paint bikes and Blue hearts.

Decisions made not to have shop window competition or Scarecrow competition this year but we may be able to have a display in the TIC window and use screen also.

Rotary are willing to sell our hyacinth bulbs when they get a shop.

Plant up the bulbs during the last week of September at Mary’s.


Sue A has been painting and would like to print some Christmas cards to sell in the Rotary shop or LIC.

in aid of CIB, 4 for £3.75 or £1 each

Meeting closed.

Date of next meeting Thursday ???.

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