Minutes of Committee Meeting 18th February 2021 7pm on Zoom

Present: Kathy Head (Chairman), Catherine Bacon (Secretary), Derek Phoenix (Treasurer), Mary Cooper, Sue Loder Vagg (Minutes), Ana Collingridge

1. Welcome by Kathy; Apologies: None

2. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved.

3. Matters arising:

Friends of Crewkerne Station Stakeholder invite: Catherine awaits further information. Sue mentions emails she has received with info on possibility of a trip to a Crewkerne Farmers’ Market later in year, arranged by Blackmore Vale Community Rail Partnership in conjunction with FOCS.

Kathy reports on follow ups: Verges – While Highways are responsible for cutting Blacknell Lane verges, Lawrences may also be involved. Kathy to progress.

Hanging basket watering – Peter to ask Lewis.

Planters on Town Hall slope – If Town Council own slope, planters could be positioned there, though assumption not this year.

Burial Board – They need to know which beds CiB are offering to take over. We need more volunteers and could particularly encourage youngsters to help here.

Sue Ayres – Kathy has sent Sue an email thanking her for her work during her time with CiB

4. Correspondence:

Town Council Grant Award: Catherine has received confirmation of approval of a £1,000 grant, payable to our account on April 1st this year by BACS.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Discussion on website costs, Mary to circulate breakdown. Derek informed us full payment has been received from Veg Shed.

The balance on 18th February is £2,323 and anticipated future balance is £3,293 after £30 payment to John Davies and receipt of £1,000 Council Grant.

6. Plants & Planting:

Falkland Square: Catherine has sent email to Lee at the management company re positioning of planters etc. Maybe request sponsorship.

Hanging baskets: Catherine and Veronica have discussed brackets outside Conservative Club. Baskets on Humphries Kirk and Dailyz walls would make impressive entrance to square. Ana reminds us of possible implications of health and safety regs and listed building consent. Costs of planters and baskets to be finalized by Catherine and Mary. Kathy to make a one-off sponsorship proposal to the Crewkerne Business Group (31 businesses) at their next meeting on March 18th.

Planters: Proposed for Falkland Square and Blacknell Lane. Broken sign being propped up by one of our barrows in Blacknell Lane. Kathy to follow up with Laura.

Bottom of Furland Road; Kathy to ask Laura who owns seat.

Cemetery: Need before and after photos of CiB beds.

7. Newsletter & Website: Mary is facebook administrator, Catherine has access. Mary and Sue to arrange Instagram access from Sue A. Discussion on importance of social media, especially Crewkerne Forum, and sharing. Rewilding now referred to as sustainable planting schemes. Sue to send Catherine copy for next Crewkerne Flyer in time for 5th March deadline. Next Newsletter planned for end March, Sue to work on plus website updates.

8. Friends Leaflet: Discussion on Catherine’s updated publicity/recruitment leaflet. She will recirculate to committee after a few minor amends. Local distribution to be arranged in due course.

9. Health & Safety & Safeguarding Policies: Catherine has prepared two documents which after slight adjustments will be used and published on website. Dated April and reviewed every two years. Cones to be obtained which can be collected from Kathy for use when working on areas which do not have pavements. Kathy suggests one off risk assessment for new areas.

10.Garden Competitions: Classes? Prizes? Link with & promote at Friends of St Barts Open Gardens at end of May

Catherine will approach Brimsmore for vouchers. Judging at end of July. Two Classes for front (judged from road), one for back not seen from road (judged by photo, quality of which won’t influence) and one for children – plant(s) in pot.


11. Consider Presentation Evening in October: The Gardens awards and all awards made to CiB and IYN Groups in 2020 and 2021 could be formally presented. The Speedwell is a possible venue.

12. AOB

Blacknell Lane; See 6.

Meeting closed.

Date of next meeting 18th March 2021 on Zoom

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