Minutes of Committee meeting 18th June 2020 7pm on Zoom

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

All present: Kathy Head (Chairman), Catherine Bacon (Secretary), Derek Phoenix (Treasurer), Mary Cooper, Sue Loder Vagg, Sue Ayers, Ana Collingridge.

Apologies: Veronica Chard, John Davies

Welcome by Kathy

Minutes of the last meeting read and approved

Updates: George Precinct; planting of pots etc on hold till Autumn

Sue A reports that the newsletter has been emailed to members and published on facebook. She has also designed a Friends of Crewkerne Station logo and uploaded onto CIB facebook.

Sue LV is going to be trained by Sue to upload blog for website to keep the page active.

Kathy reports that the shield for the best window competition is now engraved, she will collect and take it over to Oscars.

VeronIca has 4 wire baskets covered in knitted and crochet flowers which she can put up anywhere, Catherine suggests placing near Waitrose with a message like ‘we will be back’!

Catherine says she asked the Council if the trees in the Rotary stone bed could be watered by Jason and Lewis and they have now been watered twice and thanked.

Geraldine Clotworthy has an old bike we can use and Ana says there may be another one available.

We need info from John (Memorial garden and Pill Box and the Friends of Station for ‘It’s your neighbourhood projects’ so that we can write blogs for website.

Treasurers report; Balance 18th June £3392.64, payments due £170 incl. CB £5.50 JD donation 30.00 and crocus bulbs £4000 therefore future balance is £3222.14

Wildflowers and Rewilding projects

Kathy Crouch has suggested that we need £180 for purchase of Camassias and seed for the autumn per 100 sq m. SSDC are open to applications for grants for small community projects, we could apply for seed and bulbs to plant in the autumn in Churchyard and possibly Barn Street.


Veronica is tending West Street bed, Sue A and Sue T are tending Rose Lane.

Kathy says she has heard from Mark that he is unhappy with the Stipa gigantea in the Church Street bed, they may be obscuring the signs.

Mary suggests a mailshot to our usual helpers to arrange a work day to manage Church Street and Rotary bed , Kathy suggests 28th June at 10.30am.

Catherine suggests an afternoon session at her place to paint Mens shed planters, blue hearts and bikes. Kathy, Sue and Mary volunteer, need a date?

Report on bird boxes at Ashlands? Need to contact.

Sue LV reports on Crewkerne Station. They have been issued a comprehensive list of regulations by Network Rail that they need to comply with so it has been very difficult for them. However, they may be entering the Community Rail Network competition. Gail will send pictures of their work.

Ana C asks if all posts on facebook tag Crewkerne Headlines and Topics, John and Mary need to do this when they post.

Derek asks about Rotary Crocus bulbs, would we like some? We agree to buy 4000 for planting in Rotary stone bed and churchyard for colour in February, Derek will order, cost £135.

To continue facebook page interest we decided to ask garden owners in the town if we could take video footage or photos of their gardens to post. Sue A offered to help with this.

Derek said the Rotary shop will be going ahead this year, so are we doing the hyacinth bulbs to sell in pots this year? We will be doing the same plus some extra.

Mary suggested that we ask Kathy Crouch to give us a talk on Zoom about rewilding and wildflower projects which we could open to all CIB members plus Friends of Crewkerne Station and others. Mary to ask Kathy Crouch for a date in July or August.

Meeting closed.

Date of next meeting Thursday 16th July at 7pm on zoom.

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