Minutes of Committee Meeting 18th March 7pm on Zoom

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Minutes of Committee meeting 18th March 2021 7pm on Zoom

Present: Kathy Head (Chairman), Catherine Bacon (Secretary), Derek Phoenix (Treasurer), Mary Cooper, Sue Loder Vagg (Minutes), Ana Collingridge, John Davies (late arrival)

1. Welcome by Kathy; Apologies: None

2. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved.

3. Matters arising:

Blacknell Lane, verges and sign: Kathy has taken photos, will follow-up with Laura. Kathy made presentation at Business Group meeting, following which two expressed interest in sponsorship of this area. Catherine says area needs good Spring tidy up and that interest is most welcome. Planter could display name. Kathy to progress

4. Correspondence:

Text from Veronica about small hanging baskets: We have at least 20, Kathy requested four plus one for a business in Church Street who will keep theirs watered.

Email from Town Clerk re Cemetery: Catherine says nothing can be progressed until we have volunteers

(*see Item 12)

Somerset Wildlife Trust & Diocese of Bath & Wells re churchyard: A joint initiative called Wilder Churches to support communities to make space for nature in their churchyard. Online meeting on March 24th, Catherine and Mary to attend & encourage a visit by the Trust to see what we have done at St. Bartholomew’s. Sue sent link so can follow for news. PCC to be kept posted.

SWIB request for confirmation of our competition entry: Catherine has confirmed, hopes judging as before but alternative is route map; would be helpful to know expected date.

Comments re Christmas trees: Some thought CiB responsible for all in town. Kathy said every one now down, delay unavoidable.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Balance on 18th March is £3,293

6. Plants & Planting:

Falkland Square - update on meeting with Lee: Lee postponed visit to Friday 26th, Kathy & Catherine took opportunity to chat with Jason & Lewis; Regency Care & Mobility keen to see floral displays. Costings, contributions, brackets, delivery, watering discussed. Maybe bowser could be stored at Oscar’s between end May-end September.

Update on baskets for Dailyz, Humphries Kirk & Con Club: Discussions with respective landlords for permission is ongoing for Catherine.

Hanging baskets - letter drafted to businesses: Kathy to sign, addresses to be collated, distribution arranged, replies to Kathy by April 9th latest.

Volunteer to put up brackets where needed – Richard Chant: He has done before and hopefully will again.

Church Street bed - tidied and dead grasses replaced: Catherine and Mary making good progress.

Planting of the large planters: Scheduled for May. Barrows and bikes discussed, one bike to go to Severalls. Would be good to plant with succulents as not so thirsty, but colour is important. Need to wait longer for final planning.

7. Newsletter, Website & Instagram – progress: Sue reported on items proposed for next newsletter; website updated with 2020/21 info; Instagram to kick off First Day of Spring - March 20th. She requests photos to keep all communications fresh.

Should Committee be listed on website? – Agreed. Also to add newsletters.

8. Friends Leaflet – circulated with Agenda for final approval: Catherine to incorporate a few final amends

9. Draft Health & Safety & Safeguarding Policies - circulated with Agenda for final approval: Agreed, also to put on website. As insurers, Town Clerk to be informed.

10.Garden Competition: Entry form to be drawn up, to include entrant’s signature allowing us to use photo. Judging in July (not between 5th -12th) Stokes Partnership Shield to be asked to sponsor? Other prizes tbc.

11. Business window competition – sponsorship? Letter to be drafted to businesses. Humphries Kirk Williamson Shield will be awarded?

12.. AOB (see item 4*) John offers to work on Cemetery, planting shrubs and using woodchip. Enquires about budget. Kathy mentions offer of co-operation - via Business Group - from Fern Garden & Tree Service. She will follow up and send info to John. John and Jason to confer on beds, Kathy to join in to report for next Burial Board meeting.

Mary also received an offer of plants. Agreed all offers very welcome.

Ana has heard from Veronica about weed problem in alley linking Falkland Square and George Shopping Centre.

Approval of £50 for John for planting at Mulberry Gardens.

Catherine notices Furland Road is maintained by SSDC so we could probably plant bulbs there.

Kathy tells us SSDC has appointed two people to look after footpaths in Crewkerne.

Meeting closed.

Date of next meeting 15th April 2021 7pm on Zoom

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