Minutes of Committee Meeting 19th November 2020 7pm on Zoom

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Present: Kathy Head (Chairman), Catherine Bacon (Secretary), Derek Phoenix (Treasurer), Mary Cooper, Sue Loder Vagg, Ana Collingridge

1. Welcome by Kathy; Apologies: None

2. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved.

3. Matters arising:

Window Display in LIC from 16th November: Discussion on best position of screen for slide show, Diane to be requested to place when restrictions permit. Display board, table with cups and our Christmas cards etc already in situ. Display to run until end of November, could be longer which would be spirit booster to passers-by, but agreed not too long so not stale. Ana drew attention to importance of local criticism and negativity of non-essential opening and activities. Kathy pointed out garden centres are permitted to open, therefore our hyacinth bulb sale at Henhayes is ok and also agreed with Hannah (market); requested Ana to make mentions on Headlines & Topics. Ana will take care with wording as she sees fit.

Crewkerne Business Group: Kathy participated for 5 minutes on a group Zoom meeting with representatives for approx.20 groups, and stressed our need for volunteers. Representatives of kids’ groups seemed keen on educational aspect so we’ll move forward on this in Spring. Kathy also informed group about hanging baskets and indicated there would be a cost. Catherine said if the Council awards the grant requested, a contribution could be made eg to Bilby’s. Kathy considered the meeting a good opportunity to introduce CiB to the group, especially as some work from home, and she will maybe participate again next Spring.

Margaret Barton’s Strip of Land: To be discussed next Spring.

Newsletter: Catherine printed two for members not online and mentioned the cost. Derek had passed one on to a friend who told him she found the content uplifting.

Catherine had call from Jason enquiring about involvement at the Cemetery. Catherine visited and noted there were up to 12 beds of which about half were more important. None were very big, some had shady banks and weeding had started on one near the chapel. Request for urgent need for volunteers must be made in February; lots of visitors were there during Catherine’s visit so there is hope for interest in looking after ‘personal’ areas. To be taken forward at January 2021 meeting.

4. Correspondence: RHS & SWIB Certificates: Awarded to CiB for Inspiring Others and for Recognition. All appreciated these.

Email from Hilary Leamon re Christmas Tree Festival; This is going ahead and Kathy added there would be no teas & coffees, no competition and no theme this year. Appointments will be made for erecting trees on 15th/16th December, taking down on 29th. We have a tree and decorations so will agree something between us nearer the time, Kathy and Sue LV both available.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Derek informed us of a balance of £1657 on 20th October, with £1351 as of today. Future balance is £1,290 after payments of £30 due to John Davies and £31 to Catherine Bond for George Precinct planters (though this may have been a gift, Mary to enquire).

Token of thanks to Desi: Agreed a bottle of wine would be suitable, Catherine to arrange.

6. Plants & Planting: Progress report from Catherine – over to Mary: All Howard Nursery plants had gone in the Rotary Stone bed; all bulbs planted; mulch valued at £231 supplied by Council. Thanks to Catherine & Nick for bringing down mulch and distributing at Rotary Stone and in Church Street. Kathy confirmed no more working parties until Spring.

7. Hyacinth Bulbs: Now to sell at The Veg Shed, thanks to Hayley? Yes! Kathy has arranged posters for bulbs and cards in Town Hall and in Falkland Square. Catherine told Hayley bulbs arriving this Saturday, Hayley already has orders and will also take some to their Martock shop. As a token of thanks, a bottle of wine to be given to Hayley. On Saturday morning, Mary will take 17 pots of each colour to our stall in the Farmers’ Market and 16 of each to The Veg Shed. Catherine has laminated info for Veg Shed & will check their opening times.

8. Christmas Cards; To collect from Kathy by arrangement. 32 packs already sold, Kathy probably to take 13 packs to send out to 65 other Mayors; a tradition, usually a design chosen in a photo competition, but a change this year as our card designer Sue A is local. This means cost of printing would now be covered. 18 packs going to Farmers’ Market, Kathy to top up if necessary.

9. Barn Street Sensory Garden, any progress? No! Kathy not received replies to e-mails. Will have one final try, then if no contact, Catherine to pick up later with a new project.

10. Friends of Crewkerne in Bloom: Will inform at AGM that renewal of membership as a Friend will be in April. Remaining current Friends leaflets to go to Farmers’ Market on Saturday and Catherine to do new up to date leaflet next year.

11. Fundraising: Catherine suggests we need a Fundraising Officer to go around town explaining our needs for donations and how the money will be used for specific projects such as hanging baskets, bulbs, plants for planters etc. We simply need to cover costs with a bit to fall back on. A dumpy bag of compost for filling two big planters costs £83, for example. We could consider sponsor’s signs. Kathy suggested Veronica as Fundraising Officer as she has such good contacts. We will look at again in the New Year and devise a strategy of projects and costs based on jobs scheduled by Mary. Maybe Covid Tier 1 will enable us to meet in town? Meantime, Steve at the nursery will be needing an order for hanging baskets, Mary to communicate with him, probably order same as last year. Sharon at nursery usually works out colour schemes. If Council grant forthcoming, this will reduce cost of each of the estimated 70 baskets by £10. Hopefully, Lewis will agree to continuing with watering, based on his overtime payed by the Council. Catherine stresses the importance of regular watering and thinks we might need 30 more baskets at £30 each. Where would be put them? 12-15 in George Precinct, Heather would sort new brackets. Falkland Square had 16 but we can’t now put big ones on canopy, therefore fewer needed this year. Mary and Catherine to discuss.

12.AGM: November 26th Catherine to send out Zoom link; Kathy to supply electronic signature for accounts; Mary to post on facebook; Kathy requested Ana put a reminder on Headlines & Topics, links and shares discussed. Not many expected, but AGM is legal requirement. 14 attended at Heritage Centre last year.

13.AOB: Sue LV spoke about proposed recruitment campaign. Humorous Christmas ad to be created with Sue A for facebook etc, Campaign to be put on agenda for further discussion in New Year. Leaflet for new residents who might not know us, with distribution via Estate Agents etc suggested by Derek. Sue LV to create copy.

Meeting closed.

Date of next meeting 21st January 2021 on Zoom

AGM on 26th November 2020

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