Minutes of Committee meeting 20th May 2021 7pm on Zoom

Minutes of Committee meeting 20th May 2021 7pm on Zoom

Present: Kathy Head (Chairman), Catherine Bacon (Secretary), Mary Cooper, Derek Phoenix (Treasurer) Sue Loder Vagg (Minutes), Ana Collingridge, John Davies

1. Welcome by Kathy; Apologies: None

2. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved.

3. Matters arising – not coming up later on Agenda:

Blacknell Lane: Work to start next Tuesday, weeding, then planter to be filled on site early June.

Beer Seminar: Catherine now unable to attend so ticket available.

4. Correspondence:

Email from Crewkerne District Rotary: Their sponsorship donation of £50 will enable printing of 20 copies of portfolio for this year’s CiB entry in South West in Bloom. They will be acknowledged for this and other partners/sponsors also mentioned.

Email from SWIB Judges: Judging Day now confirmed as Wednesday July14th

Also: email from Laura about a discussion meeting for those involved with IYN Severalls Memorial on June 14th.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Derek reports Balance on 20th May is £1635.95. Future Balance is £2285,95

Details given of receipts, payments, purchases and invoices.

6. Plants & Planting:

Hanging baskets – put up early June: Approx 60 recently planted & now establishing at nursery.

Brackets: £23 each, have list of positions and volunteers to erect.

Watering – Lewis ready to go!

Progress on planting of large planters: 2 by Lidl car park already planted, others in hand, painting of 2 underway.

Wheelbarrows and bikes: Considering positioning 3 barrows planted with help-yourself herbs and leaves at back of Savers. Bike near Town Hall replanted.

7. Cemetery: John reports work going well, wild seed ready to go in. Catherine says plaques with CiB logo and inscription Planting and Maintained by CiB are being arranged by Tracey for the beds we look after.

8. Work days – Tuesdays working well, 3 new volunteers, named Crewkerne’s Bloomers: Jeff Hutson has taken excellent photos of first working party at Cemetery.

9. Portfolio – official photographer and printing: Jeff Hutson has kindly offered his services as photographer and we are delighted with results so far. Need new sections for Wilder Churches, Lyewater Allotments, Cemetery, Pillbox and hopefully Ashlands School. Needed by judges by June 28th. Kathy will collect from printer in Chard, Sue to further pursue school contact

10. Churchyard – Wilder Churches: St Bartholomew’s pleased to receive copy written for their June newsletter. Mary in touch with organizers of the initiative and will follow up our request for visit by a botanist. Catherine has photo of the area from above which will be useful in producing the required map. Catherine reports evidence of badger(s). A volunteer job is available for a local champion of the project. We will publicize this. Catherine & Sue attended second Zoom seminar by organizers.

11. Newsletter, Website & Instagram: Sue says newsletter will be sent out shortly; website updates underway with help from Sue T; various news items been posted on blog; Instagram going well, 30 likes for bike post.

12.Garden Competition – vouchers received for three classes, plus CB Plants, entry form: To be judged last week July, Classes 1 & 2 from kerbside. Vouchers donated by Brimsmore Nurseries. (CB Plants offer deferred). Catherine working on entry forms, distribution arranged, completed forms go to Town Hall

Class 1 Hanging basket, pot or planter visible from kerbside

Class 2 Front of house, either collection of pots or front garden appropriate to area available

Class 3 Back garden, judged from up to 3 photos taken in June/July this year, entrants to print name & contact on back or can be emailed

Children – age up to 16. Bring pots to Town Hall for judging and overnight storage between 6-7pm on Monday 12th July, and to collect following day.

13. Business window competition – flyers needed to promote: Competition is part of our South West in Bloom entry. Businesses competing for the Williamson Shield sponsored by Humphries Kirk. Independent judging panel will visit on Tuesday 13th July afternoon. Catherine has agreement from Derek for CiB to bear hospitality costs. Catherine working on flyer, relevant distribution arranged between all and to include schools and George Reynolds Centre for Children’s Competition.

14. Is there anything simple we can do to include young people? Sue produced various simple ideas for competitions but all agreed not feasible to undertake at this time. Will concentrate on pot plants.

15.. AOB: Re portfolio: Ana will investigate Wadham School photos with Natural Environment theme on show at Bilby’s; Mary to contact The Orchards about their activity. Derek to arrange spruce up of Rotary Stone.