Minutes of Committee Meeting 20th October 2020 7pm on Zoom

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Present: Kathy Head (Chairman), Catherine Bacon (Secretary), Derek Phoenix (Treasurer), Mary Cooper, John Davies, Sue Loder Vagg, Sue Ayres, Ana Collingridge (Derek & Sue A late arrivals)

1. Welcome by Kathy

2. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved.

3. Matters arising:

Window Display in LIC: Sue LV reported on current display by Friends of Crewkerne Station and resulting BBC Somerset interview with FOCS Secretary Gail. Mary & Sue A to organize a slide show; Sue A to provide posters for hyacinth bulbs and Christmas cards, Kathy to print A3; other display material to be arranged. Due to restrictions, publicity material and cards can’t be taken away.

Crewkerne Flyer: Catherine thanked Sue LV for supplying copy for the latest issue and mentioned Anthony had taken a photo when he saw bulb planting in the Churchyard, and put a photo of Veronica on page 3! Sue LV suggested a message of thanks for the Flyer in the next Newsletter and Ana reminded us of her comprehensive CiB coverage in Crewkerne Headlines & Topics plus social media shares /likes, so this will also be mentioned.

Flower beds at Cemetery: John said his sister is already looking after one of the beds and Kathy requests he informs the council so all in the loop, also for insurance consideration. More informal volunteers needed at Cemetery so a plea to be made in next Newsletter emphasising importance in Spring

Town Council grant application: Request for £1,000 has been submitted for floral displays to support local businesses. Applications to be considered Dec/Jan when everyone has had opportunity to apply.

Crewkerne Business Group: Kathy will attend their next meeting on November 12th to request their ongoing support for baskets etc. Ana attended the group’s last meeting and reports that CiB was mentioned and well-received.

Sponsorship of the cup was discussed with the decision left in abeyance

4. Correspondence: Letter from SPACE (Safe Pedestrian and Cycling Environments). It was agreed to write letter of support for this organization, especially as we work and walk around town; cycle bays already planned outside Town Hall.

Email from Ana: Ana has contacted Hannah about a stall at the Farmers’ Market for our bulbs and cards Ana outlined risk assessment, one-way system, distancing, masks, plus hand sanitizers for poles - which Catherine will supply. Ana tells us Robert Frith have 30 pack anti-mist glasses wipes for £5.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Derek reports that the balance as at 20th October is £1657.70. Taking into account payments due the 30th October balance is £1,427.62 minus £200 for cards. All invoices are needed now for end of year financial accounts. Sue A mentions a possible £50 donation from the Wedding Fair.

6. Plants & Planting: Progress report from Catherine - 2 new planters (positioning to be decided in Spring); Churchyard planting completed; more to do on Rotary Stone bed; volunteers urgently needed. Sue A says her neighbour Ben can help soon and has agreed to be photographed for a punchy “We need you” type of campaign emphasizing CiB belongs to all, especially appealing for younger helpers and with educational aspect. Sue A, Mary & Sue LV to get together on this; Mary has already posted volunteer plea on facebook. Kathy Crouch has suggested everyone plants a tree in their garden, Catherine says The Woodland Trust has packs of 25 bare rooted trees that we could sell, would need to order now for Spring planting. John gives report of progress and King Alfred daffodil planting at The Pillbox and work at Severalls. Mary to chase when Spring plants due.

7. Hyacinth Bulbs: Principally to be sold/collected at November Farmers’ Market; the lady at the new vegetable shop is keen to be involved with CiB but question mark over selling hyacinths; Rotary Shop looks unlikely this year. Kathy/Catherine investigating a stall in Falkland Square or by the library. Catherine can take telephone orders at end of October and Sue A suggested The Antelope as another collection point, also for cards. Payments by exact money or cheque on collection. Sue A arranging publicity material for bulbs and cards with placement across all suitable channels.

8. Christmas Cards; Activity more or less similar to bulbs. Catherine collecting and bagging soon; we must ensure we get a photo of winner receiving signed original picture.

9. Friends of Crewkerne in Bloom: Has now been running for 12 months. After discussion, all agreed April 1st should be the new renewal date. Catherine and Sue A to update relevant material.

10.AGM: In view of Covid19 restrictions, the AGM on November 26th at 7pm will be held on Zoom in a similar way to the Katherine Crouch event. Kathy to organize Zoom schedule, Ana to publicize on Crewkerne Headlines & Topics, Sue LV to include in October Newsletter

11.AOB: John updated us on plans for Pillbox, inc donation of hamstone to reinforce bank so can walk on rockery. Supplier is Fisher & Dean, maybe they could be included among the sponsors on the website - this was agreed. Sue LV requested picture of work for blog. John needs cement for new stone, Derek agreed to £30. John requested 2 pink CiB jackets, Catherine to leave for him in LIC.

Catherine made approach to District Rotary in connection with help with competitions, they are not likely to be able to help with this but will give some sponsorship.

Falkland Square bulb and card sale to be finalized, Sue A to prepare poster as appropriate.

Desi to look at accounts prior to AGM.

Meeting closed.

Date of next meeting 19th November 2020 on Zoom

AGM 26th November 2020 on Zoom

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