Minutes of Committee Meeting 21st January 2021 7pm on Zoom

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Present: Kathy Head (Chairman), Catherine Bacon (Secretary), Derek Phoenix (Treasurer), Mary Cooper, Sue Loder Vagg (Minutes), Ana Collingridge

1. Welcome by Kathy; Apologies: John Davies (who reported The Pillbox & Severalls looking good)

2. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved.

3. Matters arising:

Window Display in LIC: Still up but looking dated so Kathy to dismantle and store.

Christmas Tree Festival: Only open for a few days but relatively well visited. Flashing lights on CiB tree prevented Ana from taking photo for Crewkerne Headlines & Topics

Farmers’ Market & Veg Shed: All bulbs sold; some Veg Shed proceeds awaited. Cards and masks went well. Remaining cards can be used this year.

4. Correspondence:

Email resignation from Sue Ayres

Gail from FOCS invites CiB to become stakeholder in Blackmore Vale Line Community Rail Partnership. Aims of the group discussed and all enthusiastic provided no cost involved. Catherine to investigate.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Derek informed us of a balance of £1,351 on 26th November; £2,144 on 21st January and anticipated future balance of £2383 after £30 payment to John Davies & receipt of £268.60 from Veg Shed.

Sale of bulbs, cards & masks should come to £1,088.

6. Plants & Planting:

Progress report: Agreed to sell bulbs again this year. Catherine & Mary spoke of high carbon cost of grass mowing to the environment. Need local education on this and importance of creating natural/wildlife areas. We could encourage via our Churchyard project. Maybe verges in Blacknell Lane could be left? Which council responsible for cutting?

Hanging baskets: Important to do hanging baskets this year; plants ordered and council grant applied for. Non-essential shops that have been forced to close should be particularly helped. Kathy to request Lewis continues to water. Planters to be mainly perennials with annuals for colour. George Precinct planters looking good. Costings being considered.

Positioning of the two new long planters purchased with last year’s Town Council grant money: Decision awaited on their position outside Town Hall, Kathy to follow up. Alternative positions discussed, could be Blacknell Lane. Ana suggests the trading estate might be interested in sponsorship. Catherine to investigate. Hopeful that the Crewkerne Business Group will work with CiB. General planting to start in March, baskets in May. Discussion on areas and positioning of baskets & planters. Grasses in Church Street need attention and work party required for Rose Lane.

Any other areas we may be able to work with: Strip offered in town not suitable. Discussion on Cemetery, Kathy to contact Burial Board.

7. Somerset Community Fund, do we have a project that might need funding?

Catherine tells us up to £2,000 available, first bids to be in by 22nd February. Agreed hanging baskets for health and wellbeing of the community appears to fit criteria. Grants released in tranches so will review later in year.

8. Ways to encourage tree planting and reduction of grass cutting throughout town: Mary suggests hawthorn and crab apples as suitable small trees for garden planting. Could purchase through Woodland Trust.

Crewkerne Forum & Survey: The Crewkerne Forum has around 2,500 online followers and we agree this will be the best way to engage the community and get their views on various topics, especially current emphasis on environmental friendliness. Also to inform CiB is open to all and we can support and advise. Mary to work on.

9. Garden competition? Photography competition?

Agreed! Photos of individual back gardens and judging visits for front. Score sheets needed.

10. SWIB Competition 2021 & Spring Seminar at Beer, now June 3rd. Tough RHS competition this year! As previous cup winners, we are in the Champion of Champions (10K population) category, up against Glastonbury, Kingsbridge & Cannington.

Catherine, Sue & Veronica carried over from 2020 for Beer Seminar.

11. Friends of Crewkerne in Bloom - new leaflet needed. How many? 250+? Sue has sent Catherine suggestions of a variety of copy to be used as appropriate for this and other promotional material.

12.. Newsletter: Sue LV has written copy, Mary working on layout. Distribution to about 60 asap. Catherine to contact Sue Ayres to request sign over of access to website and as administrator on facebook.

13. AOB: Health and safety touched on and to be considered in more detail.

Meeting closed.

Date of next meeting 18th February 2021 on Zoom

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