Minutes of Committee meeting 21st May 2020 7pm on Zoom

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

All present: Kathy Head (Chairman), Catherine Bacon (Secretary), Derek Phoenix (Treasurer), Mary Cooper, John Davies, Sue Loder Vagg, Sue Ayers, Ana Collingridge.

Apologies: Veronica Chard

Welcome by Kathy

Minutes of the last meeting read and approved

Website requires a newsletter update to inform members of what is happening from now for this year. Sue LV will come up with some words and Sue to upload. Kathy would like to be an admin on Facebook, Sue will also add her please.

Update from Catherine re. George Precinct: Heather would like some simple planting of her pots.

Kathy says we will not need to give the Town Council the grant back, it can carry over to next year.

Treasurers report: Derek says there is £2401.84 in account plus £1000 grant. Invoice submitted by Catherine for a small garden fork for Sue to weed Abbey Street and Church Street beds.

Kathy will get the Shield engraved at Menders and return it to Oscars to display in their window.

Catherine reported on her meeting with Kathy Crouch, Peter Singleton, Jason and Lewis. Kathy’s report is attached. Catherine has found around 20 different species in the churchyard. The Parish Council are keen to go ahead with the project and Jason has left certain areas uncut.

Catherine has received an email from Michael Fox re. Barn St recreation ground and the Community Orchard / Environmental Group’s tree planting scheme with proposed plan and they have received a £1000 grant. He has asked if we could be involved in the wildflower areas of the scheme. We agreed it was a very good idea. Ana said she had received some feedback that some residents were in favour of the tree planting but were not so keen on the orchard. Kathy says she will contact the girls from Maiden Beech who had asked to have an area for a community garden after the summer.

Sue says that she is making a website for Lyewater allotments (CAT) and they want a community orchard there but apparently ownership is complicated so that may take some time.

We agreed that a link to the CAT and the Friends of Crewkerne Railway should be added to the bottom bar of our website.

Catherine has asked Peter Davidson (Clerk) what Jason and Lewis were able to do this year regarding watering etc.. He said they were not doing anything in the town centre as they did not feel it was safe. We decided that we would only be working on the beds as follows, Abbey Street car park, Church Street (Crooked Swan), Rotary Stone bed and West Street. Catherine will take down all baskets and troughs from bikes and by Aquacentre but leave bikes in situ (without baskets). They will be planted up in the Autumn again for the winter/early Spring display.

John says he is working on the Severalls Memorial Garden and Wadham Pillbox areas as originally planned. He requires a donation of £30 from CIB for plants.

Sue LV says she has some very pretty flowery face masks that would make a good photo opportunity, can Sue take a picture of them and post up on fb?

Sue A suggests she makes some Christmas cards (her paintings) to sell for extra funds and will be donating a painting also.

Veronica has made some knitted flowers which she put onto some hanging baskets and has asked where she can hang them.

Derek says that Rotary will be having their Christmas Shop again this year. Hyacinth planting takes place in September.

We will consider arranging a business window competition for September/October

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