Minutes of Committee meeting 21st October 2021 at The George Hotel

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Present: Kathy Head (Chairman), Catherine Bacon (Secretary), Derek Phoenix (Treasurer), Sue LoderVagg (Minutes), Mary Cooper, John Davies, Ana Collingridge

1. Welcome by Kathy; Apologies: None

2. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved after amendment noted that Ana also attending Weston-super-Mare presentation.

3. Matters arising: Results! Discussion on judges’ route, their useful criticisms and their praises.

Christmas Decs: Making 100 bells, Kathy has spray paint and made good start on pots; bright coloured baubles needed, Ana has suggestions and costs, Catherine showed example of bell construction. Shopping list with costs for red and white ribbon and cable ties being drawn up. Creative Crewkerne making other decorations for town inc. Victoria Hall tree. Town Hall Square tree goes up Sunday 14th November, so bells need to be ready. Hanging baskets to come down 1st week November. John to liaise with Kathy re helping. Small trees also going up first half November.

British Legion sign in Falkland Square: Job done!

4. Correspondence - Congratulations card: From window judge Sylvia

Phone message from Steve?: His ideas on veg growing, surplus produce and food bank discussed. Derek observes most growers already swap/give surplus to neighbours/friends or freeze for themselves. Discussion on possibility of growing veg in planters as in Yeovil, and barrows.

Catherine mentions Christmas Tree Festival at Church. Discussed The Flavours of Christmas (with Bling!) theme. CiB agreed to participate, set up days are December 13th/14th.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Derek reports Balance on 7th September is £2,570.98. Future Balance is £2,073.45

John to pay Derek for four places at Weston super Mare. All agreed to ask Desi to take annual look at accounts.

6. Cemetery Report: John reports work on the beds and banks completed, small trees planted, hope rabbits not interested. John to send Mary his plans for next year.

7. Plants and work sessions – SSDC enquiry re order for next year: Mary is progressing

Winter hanging baskets: Too much for CiB to take on but would be great if individual businesses put up own.

8. Town Council Grant Application: Catherine has applied for £1,000. One expenditure will be for The Shed to make planter for Falkland Square; also for ad hoc work, running costs and storage for tools. John advised he has made an application for Severalls Memorial Garden for funding for sleepers. Lee from Falkland Square management visiting November 23rd so Catherine hopes to have meeting.

9. Hyacinth bulbs - Where to sell: Will make their debut at Farmers Market on November 20th, then at Rotary Shop which Derek tells us opens in former Gresham Books on November 5th. Mary to record sales there. Price discussed. £3.50 last year but competition from cheap supermarkets. Catherine suggests foraging for moss to justify price of £4.00. Can also sell any remaining Christmas cards here. Have 35 packs @ £3.50 each.

10. New planter for Xmas tree area in Falkland Square: See 8

11. Churchyard – Wilder Churches – Report received: Main finding is logging of 54 species inc trees. Copy to be sent to Church and Town Council. Signage for wild areas to be arranged next Spring.

Ground staff cut grass which we bagged and they removed: Job done!

12. Newsletter, website & Instagram: Sue says Website news section kept up to date, main site still needs attention. Next newsletter to include SWIB Awards, bulb sale, montage of Autumn outside spaces, Christmas bells, AGM notification and usual request for volunteers. Reported on popularity of recent Insta posts, now have 214 followers. Facebook also discussed.

13. AGM – November 25th at The George Hotel: Confirmed

14. Christmas meal: At the Feed Station Merriott on December 16th. Kathy to make confirmation, est. x 15. CiB subsidy of £10 ph agreed in recognition of volunteers’ work.

15. Any other business - New projects: Blacknell Lane – Disappointed no local interest, can’t get meeting. Trough to stay, no real further action.

Catherine mentions 19th November Rewilding Somerset You Tube video 12.45 – 3pm

Catherine prompts discussion on way forward for CiB. All agree not sufficient volunteers to undertake ambitious projects. Maybe not enter SW in Bloom next year. Have until March 2022 to decide.

John plans meeting with Wadham School re Pillbox

John also tells us that local awareness fete in Severalls planned for next year. Museum will be there and he would like CiB’s and others’ presence. This supported by all.

18. Date of next meeting –November 18th 7.00pm (Venue TBC)

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