Minutes of Committee Meeting 24th September 2020 7pm on Zoom

Present: Kathy Head (Chairman), Catherine Bacon (Secretary), Derek Phoenix (Treasurer), Mary Cooper, Sue Loder Vagg, Sue Ayers,

1. Apologies: Ana Collingridge.

Welcome by Kathy

2. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved.

3. Matters arising:

Window Display in LIC: Kathy to liaise with Diane in LIC to arrange dates that fit in with the displays of Friends of Crewkerne Station & British Legion - ideally to coincide with bulb pots and AGM.

Scarecrow competition: Considered successful, good comments from passers-by. Ours removed after contest judged following loss of some accessories.

Crewkerne Flyer: A report written by Sue LV with photos by Sue A have been submitted for the next issue due out October.

Flower beds at Cemetery: Catherine reported no further news. Nigel has left and a contract firm has taken over until Spring when the situation will be reviewed. Grass cutting is therefore OK for the time being and the flower beds can be left. The Burial Committee are meeting soon and Peter will be asked to sound them out on getting our help though we would definitely need more volunteers to work on the 5+ beds if we were to take it on. Sue A reminds us that sciatica prevents her from doing more.

Town Council grant application: Catherine says we should apply and labour, costs and locations for baskets, planters, watering and barrows with reservoirs were discussed. Catherine will work on the wording of the application to include support for local businesses and to further enhance the town for the community with floral displays for 2021, and the amount applied for.

4. Correspondence: Desi had written to say the District Rotary Club were interested in garden competitions. It was agreed that as they had done such a good job with the scarecrows and that their Bonfire Night has been cancelled, we could ask them to organize one in conjunction with CiB on the proviso it was on a strictly 50/50 cross promotion basis with joint branding. My garden in Autumn could be the theme of a photo competition. Catherine to contact them. Desi also mentioned the new Crewkerne Business Group. Kathy explained more about it and suggested we propose that someone appears on one of their Zoom meetings to talk about CiB’s objectives and activities, but that we don’t want to be a member of the group. She will liaise with CBG chairman Leighton Ballantine.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Derek reports that the balance as at 24th September is £2918.14. Taking into account payments due for bulbs etc plus donations and membership payments the future balance is £1,928.14

6. Minute Secretary: Ana has sent notification she is unable to take this over but will continue to feature CiB on Crewkerne Headlines & Topics online. Sue LV has stepped in until someone else can be found.

7. Plants & Planting - beds, planters and churchyard: Mary gave a detailed report on the assortment of seeds, plants and bulbs that are being planted in stages in the Churchyard. Daffodils had been requested for Wadham (Pillbox) and an order has been given to Howards Nurseries for perennials. £208 is the value though this might not be the final cost. Delivery is due mid-October. Clumps of colour is the plan for the Rotary Stone bed which now, after removal of the Phlomis shrub has a hole that needs filling. After enquiry, it seems mushroom compost is being used by the council as mulch; the Council has an account with Groves meaning 10% discount on a £79.99 bag. Peter has agreed financial help for the four or five bags needed. Regarding pots in the George Precinct, pansies, heathers, ivies and small vertical shrubs were discussed and costed – Mary to liaise with Catherine.

Sue A reported that Margaret Barton is asking when the strip of land she has offered for care by CiB will be visited; Sue A & Catherine to liaise and fix a date.

8. Hyacinth Bulbs: Mary will get the compost for planting on September 29th at Mary’s. If bulbs not arrived by then Mary will advise and volunteers will switch to planting crocus bulbs in the Churchyard.

9.AGM: In view of Covid19 restrictions, the AGM on November 26th at 7pm will be held on Zoom in a similar way to the Katherine Crouch event. The Chairman’s Report and the Accounts will be presented. Friends/supporters will be notified online at least a month in advance. The Zoom meeting can accommodate 100 but it is not anticipated many will attend. The Chairman’s Report needs to be written and Derek will get the Accounts audited. The report, approving accounts and voting for committee are key items for the agenda.

10.AOB: SWIB - Catherine has sent IYN and other info, inc Lyewater activity to SWIB but to date, nothing heard about certificate winners.

Newsletter, Website and Membership - Sue LV requested a copy of the Lyewater activity for the next Newsletter which she has started work on. Agreed Lyewater could have own page on CiB website. Sue A will put CiB logo on Church website.

Sue LV proposed some kind of small prize for the person who signs up at a momentous number as a Friend.

Sue A mentioned the Insect House at Bincombe Allotments

Christmas Cards: Sue A has designed cards and will prepare artwork to forward to printer(s) for costing. Price of cards, distribution, raffle activity discussed. Sue A to liaise with Catherine to make decision when costing in as time getting on.

Meeting closed.

Date of next meeting 20th October (TBC).

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