Minutes of Committee Meeting 27.2.20

7pm @ Bar 5 Crewkerne

All present: Desi Fradgley (Chairman), Catherine Bacon (Secretary), Kathy Head, Mary Cooper, Veronica Chard, John Davies, Sue Loder Vagg, Sue Ayers, Dörte Lucas, Ana Collingridge, Claire, and Julie Yates (Lyewater allotments)

Apologies: Derek Phoenix (Treasurer)

Minutes of the last meeting read and approved

Change of Chair: Desi resigned from being Chairman and from the committee. She was thanked for all her work to help start up CIB and the running of it for the last 2 years. Kathy was proposed to be Chair by Catherine B and seconded by John D. All agreed.

John D gave an update from the last meeting; He has 4 receipts for plants and seeds for reimbursement totalling around £38. He is still waiting for a response from Parkers, proposal is with management. SSDC will need to pass any sign that Parkers would like erected by Pill box. Work at the Pill box site has been held up due to the weather. Severalls shop would like 2 hanging baskets @£35 each, John will look after these and they will not be on the watering route. He has registered Pill box 22 and Severalls War Memorial for SWIB IYN.

John requires letters to deliver to potential sponsors with new header for donation and hanging basket purchase. Catherine handed over some new hi-vis jackets for his team. The new jackets have been paid for by Pattemores Dairy Ingredients.

We have received £400 from Waitrose Green token scheme and £721 from the sale of hyacinth bulbs in the Rotary shop. There are 9 paid up members of the Friends of CIB.

The Mens Shed have made 3 bird boxes for Ashlands School paid for by CIB @ £10 per box. They have been delivered.

Sue A was thanked for designing a beautiful website for us over the last month. This is already live and will work hard to get sign ups and membership and provides CIB with an excellent online presence. It is promoted by the facebook page and she has also set up an instagram page too.

Heather MacClintock has purchased 3 very large pots for the George shopping Centre. These have been planted up with primroses. In future we would like to use a mixture of perennials, annuals and seeds on a 3 season basis. Catherine and Mary to have a discussion with Heather on an ongoing maintenance schedule and price. She also requires some brackets for more hanging baskets.

Work dates are established as 2nd and 4th Tuesday morning starting at 10am. These are to be publicised through the website and on facebook.

Competition: Lyewater allotments will be entering, they need to submit application by 14th March. They have a designated wildlife area. They would like to clear and plant more apple trees for a community orchard.

CIB needs to enter also and now Lewis has agreed to water for us it will be a massive help. Now waiting for Town Council to agree to pay him so we can commit to supplying hanging baskets. Laura wishes to know how many hours Lewis will be watering, we are unsure, but think it will be around 5 or 6 hours per week which we will probably need to supplement.

Sue LV reported on Friends of Crewkerne Station meeting. They are celebrating the 160th anniversary of the opening of the Yeovil to Exeter line on the 18th July. They are entering SWIB IYN. Sue read a report of the celebration in the town when the station opened particularly pertaining to the flower and bunting along the streets of the town.

We have received no response to the RHS school art competitions, all schools have been approached.

“Grow Social” RHS scheme to encourage us to work with elderly or children’s groups. Catherine suggests taking sensory plants to the Orchards, Mary suggests Youth group makes some wild flower seed bombs that we can put around Hanhayes by car park ticket machine and by wheel barrow.

SWIB Spring Seminar in Beer on 19 th March 10am, Catherine has applied for 3 places for herself, Sue LV and Veronica @£20 each. They have paid for themselves.

Catherine has bought some id holders with pink lanyards and she will make an id for anyone who wants one.

Kathy Crouch has visited the town and walked around with Mary. She has come up with a number of ideas and planting schemes that we may like to use. We can ask her to attend the next meeting.

Town Council have approved a grant of £1000 for the purchase of 2 planters for in front of the Town Hall. They will need to be moved at Fair time.

Catherine is to give a presentation on CIB at the Annual Town Meeting on 21st April.

Henhayes Fair is on 18th July. CIB are having a table to promote Friends of CiB. Sue LV said that that is the date that Friends of CS are celebrating, they are arranging various things like having a bus to go between town and station, stalls etc.. Perhaps our shop window competition could have a train theme.

Mike is going to paint the planters in Falkland Square again.

Sue Ayers, Sue LV and Ana C were co-opted onto committee proposed by Kathy and seconded by Veronica.

Treasurer’s report: balance at 27th Feb 2086.14 with future balance 3261.50 with payments scheduled.

Catherine needs digital logos and stickers from Sue A to use for sponsorship letters. They need to be sent both digitally and hand delivered. Sue will design an e-shot if we wish. We would like stickers for the shop windows that cannot display a basket but would like to support financially. The wedding fair has promised £100, thanks to Sue.

Discussion of sponsorship of shop window competition, Williamsons, Crooked Swan, Stoodleys, Oscars and Euroquartz to be approached.

Sue A asked if Crewkerne Church could have a bed or project, Catherine suggested a re-wilding scheme and crocus along the pathways.

Gardens and hanging basket judging, perhaps ask Kathy Crouch.

Church is organising Open gardens on 25th May, selling tickets outside Town Hall, perhaps we could sell baskets then?

Kathy read out a letter (she had received as Mayor) from 4 girls who attend Maiden Beech School who would like to make a well being garden. Town Council has offered them a space at Barn Street recreation ground. Veronica said she would ask the lady who had planted bulbs where they were.

Dörte asked if she could tend to the area at the top of Hermitage Street. It may be owned by Highways. Catherine said she would enquire.

After the meeting closed, 3 of realised we had not discussed adding Kathy as a signatory for signing cheques, bank etc. as Desi had now left the committee it would not be right for her to continue to sign or approve payments any longer than is necessary. It was proposed by Catherine and seconded by Mary and circulated Immediately after the meeting and all agreed that Kathy should be signatory as soon as it can be arranged.

Date of next meeting Wednesday 18th March in Oscars at 7pm thereafter in Bar 5 on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

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