Minutes of Committee meeting 7th September 2021 at The Crooked Swan

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Minutes of Committee meeting 7th September 2021 7pm at The Crooked Swan

Present: Kathy Head (Chairman), Catherine Bacon (Secretary), Derek Phoenix (Treasurer), Sue LoderVagg (Minutes), Mary Cooper

1. Welcome by Kathy; Apologies: Ana Collingridge, John Davies

2. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved.

3. Matters arising – Cups returned: Nigel Bloxham has collected from Catherine.

4. Correspondence: Request from TC to move planters in Falkland Square: This is so the British Legion names can be lowered. Kathy to liaise with Laura on date.

Request from Christmas Committee re holly balls: Agreed not feasible, especially as Kathy counted total of 107 brackets. Ideas such as snowballs discussed, Catherine to work on further ideas and Kathy to approach Creative Crewkerne to set up joint project.

Other correspondence: Catherine received letter of thanks from Robin Pailthorpe on behalf of Town Council. Letter received with query from Lee in Falkland Square Management.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Derek reports Balance on 7th September is £2635.48. Future Balance is £2590.98

6. Cemetery Report: John unable to attend meeting but Catherine and Kathy reported on co-ordination of activity between all involved.

7. Plants, watering and work session – SSDC enquiry re order for next year Discussion on ownership of baskets, costs for number, type and colours of plants required plus compost and baskets. Watering continues to be major problem - Kathy mentions possibility of help from another person at Town Council next year. Kathy to arrange meeting between Peter, Jason, Catherine and Mary to discuss further working together.

Shops and businesses to be approached in January for basket orders. All concerned to see damage to bed in Church Street after Crewkerne Fair - should be behind a barrier. Sandra (Rotary) to be notified.

Tuesday working parties to continue.

8. Town Council Grant Application: All agreed application should remain at £1,000 for plants, compost etc to help maintain the beds and baskets that enhance the town. We are planning project work with schools next year.

9. Hyacinth bulbs and planting dates plus bulbs for planters: Mary to order 250 each of pink, blue and white for group potting on Tuesday September 28th at Mary’s. Discussion on location of sales.

10. New planter for Xmas tree in Falkland Square area: Catherine spoke to Men’s Shed at Council Open Evening about box planter. Sue mentioned wilding hearts from offcuts. Catherine to follow up.

11. Churchyard – Wilder Churches – awaiting report on plant survey: Expected soon.

Request from Pippa, Churchwarden for update on grass cutting: We will liaise with Jason & Lewis and undertake bagging and removing. Sue suggests unmown areas resemble hearts.

12. Newsletter, website & Instagram – Sponsors need to be added with their logos: Sue LV to liaise with Sue T on website updates and sponsors’ page. Sue LV currently working on hanging basket news story. September newsletter almost completed; Mary will send out at end of week with covering note reminding volunteers needed. We now have 186 Instagram followers. Sue reported success of stories posted since last meeting.

13. Garden Competition – Considered a success. Looked at ways to involve schools next year, probably with short term easy arts/crafts projects eg painting a pebble or wilding heart.

14. AGM – November 25th? Seems to be best date. Kathy to investigate a room at The George.

15. Presentation at Weston super Mare: Format different from previous year. Catherine, Mary, Kathy, Sue, Ana & Veronica attending, also John and a group of his volunteers.

16. Christmas meal? – Agreed this good to do, invite all volunteers, possibly some subsidising from CiB. Kathy to investigate The Feed Station at Merriott for early December x 20 max.

17. Any other business – Christmas cards: We will sell the remainder of 2020 cards probably at Farmers’ Market with bulbs and at LIC. We won’t reprint or produce a new design.

Bikes: We have three planted bikes, watering always a problem. Several others around town so Catherine suggests a bike trail around Crewkerne in conjunction with Creative Crewkerne next year. Maybe involve Cyclelife.

Scarecrow competition being run by Rotary again

18. Date of next meeting – October 21st 7.00pm (Venue TBC)

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